From a first idea to a successful digital product

Pieter van Kessel

End-to-end digital product management

lean startup, agile, UX, software development, analytics

How I help

Guidance from a first idea to a successful digital product with a proven product management approach

My approach is based on proven methods, frameworks and tools, such as customer development, lean startup and agile development.

Determine vision, strategy and product

I help you to determine your vision, strategy and product successively. I use my experience in determining vision, strategy and innovative digital products to find that way together with you.

Validate idea

I help you validate your idea prior to the realization of the product. In the first phase of the validation we determine whether the problem is worth solving and in the second phase we test how well the solution solves the problem. In both phases, qualitative research takes place. Prototypes are used in the second phase.

Design product

I guide the design of the first version of your product. This includes specifying the first feature set, an interaction and visual design. The creation of different prototypes is an important part.

Build product

I guide the development of the first version of your product. The product is built incrementally and iteratively. Building the product also includes documentation, testing, continuous integration and continuous deployment.

Optimize product

I show you how you can use quantitative research to optimize your product.

Determine technology

I also help you make informed decisions about the technology that will be used.

Form team

I help you form a great team around the product. It is essential for the development and eventual success of your product that the right skills are present on time within your team.

I am a great fit when you …

• Have a product, project or business idea, but do not know where to start.

• Are an established company that wants to innovate with a digital product.

• Need product management expertise, but you’re not yet ready to hire a full-time product manager.

• Are an established company that is looking to contract a product manager.

• Help needed help determining vision, strategy and product.

I'm usually not a great fit when you ...

• Are seeking a training for product management.

Who I am

Driven by a genuine passion to realize meaningful digital products

My name is Pieter van Kessel and I am a product manager with an extensive background in various digital products (including web, mobile and desktop apps) and business models (including SaaS).

My love for product management is motivated by the desire to solve problems and make things better.

Now I have made it my mission to solve as many relevant problems and realize meaningful digital products as possible.

I am very interested in the practical application of emerging technologies such as augmented reality, artificial intelligence and blockchain. I also like studying the history of technology.

I enjoy spending time with my family, walking, cycling and DIY-ing.

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